As we fulfill our aspiration of delighting consumers by lighting up everyday moments, it’s essential that we do things right and always do the right thing. In fact, we believe the way we achieve our results is just as important as the results themselves.

Our Code of Conduct sets out clear guidelines on our commitment to doing the right thing. To ensure that our Code is at the heart of everything we do, we have a dynamic Global Ethics & Compliance program focused on upholding and promoting the high ethical standards in our Code.

Code of Conduct

code-of-conduct.jpegThe key to our continued growth is a commitment by every employee to an ethical workplace. Our Code of Conduct helps us keep that commitment by reflecting our values and providing us with information to guide us to make ethical decisions consistently as we conduct business globally. Employees are encouraged to speak up through our various reporting channels about any issues, questions or concerns they may have related to topics covered in our Code or if they see or suspect anything that is unethical or illegal.

We do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises a concern in good faith. In fact, our employees will not be retaliated against in any way for seeking advice, raising a concern, reporting suspected misconduct in good faith or cooperating with an investigation.

Our Code applies to all employees of Newell Brands, regardless of location, seniority, Segment or function, including our Board of Directors and our Executive Officers. Additionally, all Newell Brands employees and Directors are required to complete mandatory Code of Conduct training. Select employees must also complete additional training on specific topics in the Code based on the nature of their role and function.

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Ethics Hotline

Newell Brands is committed to a “speak up” environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception.

Employees and third parties can report potential violations of our Code, policies or laws and regulations to the company’s Ethics Hotline. The Ethics Hotline is operated by an independent, third-party hotline provider, and allows individuals to anonymously submit a report (where permitted by law). The Hotline supports multiple languages and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employees may also report their concerns to a manager, Global Ethics & Compliance, Internal Audit or Human Resources. Ethics & Compliance reviews and investigates all reports made to the Ethics Hotline.

Business Ethics

Our high ethical standards apply to all our business dealings as well. Our relationship with our suppliers ensures that all businesses have fair and equitable opportunity to participate in any outsourced Newell Brands projects. We are committed to ethical practices that ultimately contribute to our ability to provide innovative, quality products to our consumers and grow our brands.

We invite suppliers to compete for our business, and in return, suppliers can expect a level playing field. We have no hidden factors in evaluating suppliers and submitted proposals – all relevant decision criteria will be spelled out in advance of soliciting a proposal.

Third parties who do business with Newell Brands must also follow standards equivalent to our Code of Conduct and abide by all applicable laws and regulations. The Vendor Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have of our business partners.

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Additionally, our Responsible Sourcing Manual and associated processes are in place to allow our partnership with suppliers to be one of fairness and trust. Our program is based upon Newell Brands' Code of Conduct and Vendor Code of Conduct along with the requirements of our customers' Responsible Sourcing standards. We apply a variety of different trainings with our suppliers that are focused on root cause analysis and supplier development. For more details on our Social Compliance & Supply Chain Security programs to include our assessment program, details on issue topics and program requirements please review our Responsible Sourcing Manual.

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