DYMO®, a global leader in the labeling industry since 1958, invests in sustainability one label at a time. The brand is dedicated to becoming more environmentally responsible through its products, packaging and production processes.

Their commitment to product and packaging sustainability is three-tiered. Most DYMO paper products are made of material from Forest Stewardship Council®-certified forests and other controlled sources. The Forest Stewardship Council is a global nonprofit promoting responsible forest management worldwide. In addition, the brand’s external plastic cassettes are made from at least 80 percent recycled material. Lastly, DYMO cardboard sleeves and box packaging are made from at least 80 percent recycled material, while their plastic blister label packaging is made from at least 60 percent recycled material.

The DYMO team uses sustainable materials across their product line. Over 40 percent of DYMO products use water-based adhesives, which use considerably fewer chemical ingredients. All DYMO paper labels are BPA-free, and the printers use an innovative thermal printing technology that eliminates the use and disposal of ink or toner cartridges. DYMO also has a single long-lasting rechargeable battery in most labelers. This saves consumers 10 percent on their energy consumption.

DYMO’s sustainability efforts also extend to their operations. The brand has reduced energy consumption at their Sint-Niklaas, Belgium factory by 27 percent* through modernized machinery and production processes. They have also upgraded to long-lasting LED lighting, lowering the carbon footprint of every label they produce. In the last ten years, the plant has reduced water use during production by 73 percent and has committed to over 70 percent of its plant water usage being sourced from harvested rainwater.

We’re proud of our brands like DYMO for their commitment to sustainability and for helping us be responsible environmental stewards. Read our 2022 Corporate Citizenship Report, Together As One , to learn more about our sustainability efforts.

*Research conducted by A Greener Refill™ LLC.