Helena Harrison

Helena Harrison

Sr. Design Engineer, Writing business

In my senior year of high school, I stumbled upon Industrial Design while browsing through the Carnegie Mellon University catalog – and found my field of study, a combination of science and art! I then completed my degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech and started my career ‘on the board’ (pencil and paper!) as a product designer, going on to product engineer and then quality engineer, for disposable food packaging. I was able to take the leap into Design Engineering for the personal care packaging industry, which eventually led me to Newell Brands as a Design Engineer for the Calphalon® and now, for our Writing business.

I love the culture I experience at Newell and love the products I work on to bring to market. I love the diversity of products we carry and how familiar they are to our lives. I’ll always lean towards Calphalon® as a favorite brand, but a nice Sharpie ® also gets my attention!

Everyone says this, but the people are what makes Newell so special.

Right now, the Newell culture is being shaped into something that coincides with what is needed most in today’s environment – collaboration and acceptance. This is so important as we spend a lot of time working together in our careers.