Fiona Johnson

Fiona Johnson

Corporate Communications Design Manager

After being employed in the gaming industry for several years, I looked to make a career change in hopes of expanding my knowledge of corporate design. I was hired by Newell Brands for a three-month contract position to cover an employee out on leave. You could say things have gone well – I’m now going on almost three years here!

Having the freedom to creatively display my design skills has been an important part of why I love working here.

Our team has an amazing opportunity to help capture the story of Newell Brands, and that’s something that makes every day more exciting than the last. Currently, I’m working on the branding of Newell Now, our company’s mobile app. We’re designing the app’s logo, a launch video for all our new users and some cool designs to be featured as well.

Our culture is different at Newell Brands. We’re all given the chance to succeed and do some amazing things. The opportunity to present ideas is limitless, which makes working here extremely rewarding.